(5 out of 5)  by Mary C. - September 6,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Lillian M. - September 2,2016
The staff was wonderful! Thank you for making my children feel at ease!
  (5 out of 5)  by Emily M. - September 2,2016
The staff is wonderful, helped my children be at ease with everything! Thank you so much!
  (5 out of 5)  by David C. - September 2,2016
Of the many dentists I have visited in my short lifetime (38 years), I am most pleased with this particular dentistry. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jacqueline D. - August 31,2016
I always feel like family here. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rita M. - August 31,2016
Kate always makes me feel at ease during my visit. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lowell G. - August 30,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by William B. - August 29,2016
Great day, left with a great SMILE!
  (5 out of 5)  by Cheryl Y. - August 28,2016
I love all the office staff, starting with check-in and ending with check-out. This is a great team and I appreciate their professionalism and genuine interest in their patients. I've referred many people to the practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah B. - August 24,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia S. - August 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Leo G. - August 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan A. - August 22,2016
As always, the care was excellent all around: from the receptionists who were cheerful and professional, to Julie who was brilliant, and Dr. Warren, who was friendly and professional. Everyone put me at my ease, which is important to me. Many thanks. I do not have or use Face Book or other on-line technologies (apart from email) so I cannot paste this comment on to another website for you, but if you want to paste it on yourself please go ahead and feel free to use my name. Susan Alves
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca W. - August 22,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary W. - August 17,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Carolyn W. - August 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Ally Z. - August 14,2016
I learned about how to take better care of my gums, which I sincerely appreciated! Ally
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna P. - August 13,2016
So enjoy Ali and her gentle touch. So thorough as well. Thanks, Donna
  (5 out of 5)  by Todd C. - August 12,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Veronica B. - August 12,2016
have been a patient at that office for over 30 years. the staff has changed but not the level of care and the staff are all friendly and highly trained. I would recommend Dr. warrens practice to anyone needing dental care. veronica
  (5 out of 5)  by Fred D. - August 11,2016
My visits are always a good experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gonzalo O. - August 10,2016
Wendy and Dr. Warren did a excellent job on me. The staff is also the greatest. Thank you Go
  (5 out of 5)  by Arnold C. - August 9,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jami J. - August 9,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Pam R. - August 8,2016
Everyone is super nice! I'm so glad my friend (Karen Gajer) recommended you to me :-)
  (5 out of 5)  by Brian L. - August 8,2016
Julie, Susie, and Dr. H did a great job. Keep up the good work!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kimberlee R. - August 5,2016
Yen was amazing. I really needed to keep on schedule and despite computer issues with my X-rays, she did an excellent job and got me out on time!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rudy P. - August 3,2016
I am happy to be back in the capable hands of the professional staff of Michael A. Warren D.D.S. and Associates!
  (5 out of 5)  by Janice F. - August 2,2016
Everyone is awesome----great office!!!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Vangela C. - August 2,2016
Always love everyone! Julie was a light in my week ! Pam is always great too! Love you all for taking great care of my teeth and not trying to nickel and dime me like other dentists!
  (5 out of 5)  by Chloene B. - August 1,2016
Love my dentist!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Conley B. - July 30,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven-Jr. B. - July 29,2016
Wendy is the best and Dr Brooke is wonderful as well.
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - July 29,2016
See you Tuesday.
  (5 out of 5)  by Cliff G. - July 28,2016
you might want to fix your survey as it comes up as "Practice Survey Copy" Donna's the best!! My teeth feel so clean after her care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kara B. - July 27,2016
Please make sure that the mint polish is in stock. The bubblegum polish is disgusting. Kate is the best!
  (5 out of 5)  by James R. - July 27,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael S. - July 26,2016
Efficient, friendly, on time, cash discount.
  (5 out of 5)  by Isa K. - July 26,2016
Isa cannot wait to go back!!! She's very proud of her trip to the dentist! Exceptionalt team; glad we found the right people to take care of our teeth!
  (5 out of 5)  by Candice B. - July 26,2016
Thank you for always helping us, and loving on Gwynie while we were there. Always enjoy coming to the office. Our family appreciates all the hard work. :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia F. - July 25,2016
I used to hate going to the dentist. Especially having my teeth cleaned. That's all changed since I go to Dr Warren's office and see my lovely Donna every six months. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone is wonderful.. From the minute you walk in the door to checking out, it's a pleasure! I love Dr Warren to pieces, and today I saw Dr. Haggerman. She was just as sweet and kind as Dr Warren. What a wonderful place. Donna's just the best ever! Xxoo
  (5 out of 5)  by Shirley R. - July 22,2016
Very Happy and satisfied. Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Stuart W. - July 21,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth W. - July 21,2016
Great experience
  (5 out of 5)  by Andrew B. - July 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kay R. - July 19,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Douglas R. - July 18,2016
Donna was very thorough as usual! It was good to see Dr Warren as well. Keep up the good work.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tammy U. - July 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Luke C. - July 15,2016
Excellent job. Always enjoy my visit and the excellent care you all provide.
  (5 out of 5)  by Annie L. - July 15,2016
Thank you for the great care and treatment your dental team provides.
  (5 out of 5)  by Carla O. - July 14,2016
I enjoy my visits to Dr. Warren's office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Arthur B. - July 13,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra S. - July 13,2016
  (4.3 out of 5)  by Rafael D. - July 11,2016
Assistance with low monthly get much needed work done to my teeth. Ability to count w/ dentistry work make my next visit a pleasant one.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lissa F. - July 6,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Rhonda W. - July 5,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Chris E. - July 2,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Edythe M. - July 1,2016
I always feel that my teeth are well taken care of at your practice, and the staff is so very capable and cheerful.
  (5 out of 5)  by Shy S. - June 30,2016
Julie was amazing...
  (5 out of 5)  by Kellie P. - June 28,2016
Best dental practice ever!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jessica B. - June 26,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth B. - June 24,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Fred C. - June 24,2016
Dr. Warren is a very skilled dentist. Him and his staff treat their clients like royalty.
  (5 out of 5)  by Denise W. - June 24,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Ronald L. - June 24,2016
I was very impressed and satisfied with the service provided by my dental technician. Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Bert C. - June 23,2016
The office staff is always very friendly and proficient in the many tasks and services they provide. During my recent emergency, they were able to get me in at a moments notice and treat the issue. Kudos to all.
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven F. - June 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Amanda M. - June 23,2016
I'm so grateful for the reminder calls and emails! I was called after I didn't show for my appointment and allowed to still be seen. Thank you for being so flexible! My cleaning with Katie was perfect and she addressed some concerns I had. I was also pleased to be able to purchase my new Sonicare directly from your office and not have to make a seperate trip to the store for one. Katie even got me the paperwork to take advantage of the rebate that was available! Loved my experience today! Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rosa S. - June 22,2016
Stellar service every time I go in! I have highly recommended this office to man. Keep up the outstanding job!
  (5 out of 5)  by Daniel,-Jr. E. - June 21,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Albenita W. - June 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandy P. - June 19,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Marlene D. - June 19,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Taylor B. - June 17,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Leslie M. - June 17,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Molly M. - June 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan B. - June 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Susie O. - June 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Tara K. - June 15,2016
Kate and Doc Warren are always amazing! I would never go anywhere else! I feel safe, comfortable and in very good hands while I am there!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeannette M. - June 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Emil E. - June 14,2016
Not a big fan of dental visits, but your staff makes them as painless as possible. Thanks!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ronda H. - June 12,2016
You guys are all the best!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharron S. - June 10,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Anna E. - June 7,2016
Loved the dental tech. She was kind and listened TO my trip down memory lane. I know she was substituting but wanted you to know I appreciated her. The office help were also friendly and that's always nice. Thank you all for treating an elderly lady with such respect. Sincerely Anna
  (5 out of 5)  by Mildred B. - June 7,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Michele B. - June 7,2016
I have always been happy with the people that work at this office. They have always been friendly and make a stressful situation more comfortable. I particularly enjoy having Wendy as dental hygienist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Amanda F. - June 7,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Gilbert F. - June 3,2016
From the outset, i have been impressed with the quality & professionalism of your office and staff. Over the years, the physical appearance of the entire business has become even more highly professional without losing a close patient/relationship. IO am pleased to see that Dr. Hagermand has risen from the "new Dr. in the office to having "Dr. Brooklyn Hagerman" emblazened on the exterior of the building. Dr. Warren,,you have "Done Good" with your staff. Thank-you Gib Fouilke
  (5 out of 5)  by Justa P. - June 1,2016
I'm so thankful for everyone here. They always hear my concerns and go above and beyond to take care of my dental needs. Really amazing and caring people work here.
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - May 31,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul S. - May 30,2016
Great professional staff. 13 years and counting as a patient :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Ellen N. - May 27,2016
Excellent service
  (5 out of 5)  by Larry F. - May 27,2016
The team genuinely makes me feel like family. Kate is awesome.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra M. - May 27,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jamye B. - May 25,2016
The experience was nice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Nancy T. - May 25,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jerrill H. - May 24,2016
Everything was perfect.
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Ellen G. - May 24,2016
Always a pleasant experience! Staff very friendly and efficient! I always feel like I get a thorough exam and cleaning from Doctor Warren and Kate.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael K. - May 24,2016
As always outstanding service!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carl P. - May 23,2016
Nothing more needs to be said. Love all of you !
  (5 out of 5)  by Staci D. - May 23,2016
Donna is GREAT! She is so good with my daughter who truly hates the dentist due to all her issues she has had and what she still needs. Dr Warren as well is looking out for her best needs and is so positive on her future outcome! Having a daughter her age himself helps really understand! Thanks guys for making our visit great every time!
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Claudia K. - May 23,2016
Love going to C Dr W & his staff. I made a comment today that said alit.... every person in the office knows who is there by name and shows genuine concern for you and your well-being. I may not like the bills, but I love the care I get!. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rosalie K. - May 23,2016
I thought the counter space to pay my bill was too small, but the staff was great.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ruth V. - May 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Roger S. - May 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Irma V. - May 19,2016
Thank you Dr. Warren for been so caring.
  (5 out of 5)  by Melissa R. - May 18,2016
Dr. Warren is the best!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharon S. - May 17,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathy A. - May 17,2016
Julie is an amazing dental hygienist!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Claudia C. - May 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Paula C. - May 13,2016
No matter who I see when I come in, everyone very pleasant. I have confidence in everyone.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ann J. - May 13,2016
I love my dentist office and feel they genuinely care about me and my dental care as well as my family's overall health. They are just awesome and I am very happy with them.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jon G. - May 13,2016
As always, Kate did a fantastic job! Thank You!
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda B. - May 12,2016
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Susan W. - May 12,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by June F. - May 10,2016
I appreciated receiving a listing of the treatment plan and their costs.
  (5 out of 5)  by Frank S. - May 9,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert M. - May 5,2016
My first positive experience in a dental office! Thank you!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna S. - May 5,2016
Awesome as always!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Christine O. - May 3,2016
I love Kate, and come specifically for her.
  (5 out of 5)  by Raymond K. - May 2,2016
Donna is simply awesome!
  (5 out of 5)  by Arden J. - April 29,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra R. - April 28,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sara P. - April 26,2016
Love my clean feeling teeth! Thanks, Julie and Dr. Warren!
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia S. - April 26,2016
Dr Warren and his staff are the absolute best!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kara R. - April 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Danielle L. - April 23,2016
I recommend this dental office to everyone I know!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Lynn B. - April 22,2016
Great office, always friendly and helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Even makes my trip to the Dentist reasonably pleasant.
  (5 out of 5)  by Heather M. - April 22,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Marcella R. - April 22,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Cecelia O. - April 21,2016
Dentist visits are not oneof my favorite things but.....with Julie cleaning my teeth makes it more pleasant.
  (5 out of 5)  by Antoinette Q. - April 21,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Alix S. - April 21,2016
This was the best dental office experience I have ever had.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gina H. - April 21,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kimberly B. - April 21,2016
Staff is professional, curtious & interactive with clients. Office is clean, comfortable & eye pleasing.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rosellen R. - April 20,2016
No improvements from what I see. Kate was fabulous doing my treatment.
  (5 out of 5)  by James-Dr. H. - April 20,2016
Excellent care & follow-up.
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert S. - April 18,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Nelley H. - April 18,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by James N. - April 18,2016
Excellent medical advice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dominic E. - April 17,2016
  (4.7 out of 5)  by William K. - April 16,2016
Great experience! The staff was very helpful and nice! The dentist was superb!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharon G. - April 15,2016
I especially appreciate the kindness with which I am treated, from the interns to the Doctor, because of my limitations. Thank you all so much.
  (5 out of 5)  by Guy W. - April 15,2016
Very friendly staff and well organized always making the visit family like.
  (5 out of 5)  by Leonard S. - April 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Nancy M. - April 14,2016
I was so thankful for the love and caring everyone in the office provided me. I felt very much at home and very relaxed, this was very important to me because of my bad experience with my last dentist. I have not been to one since then which was over 6 years and now I feel I can trust Dr Warren and his staff to take very good care of me. I was blessed and I give all the honor and glory to Our Lord and Savior, since Elaine DeKruif is the one who gave me Dr. Warrens name. Keep up the friendly spirit and great care you give your patients.
  (5 out of 5)  by Joan M. - April 14,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael Z. - April 14,2016
Wendy is a great hygienist. Dr. Warren always personable and the rest of the staff very kind and professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tanner J. - April 13,2016
Thank you so much for taking care of my hand that I hurt at school.
  (5 out of 5)  by Calista J. - April 13,2016
Thank you always going above and beyond. First I would like to tell all the staff what a wonderful positive experience that you gave my son Tanner. He had hurt his hand playing football at school right before his appointment and I picked him up from the nurses office. When we arrived in your office, your staff was AMAZING. They immediately got Tanner some ice, water, motrin and placed him in a dental chair with a blanket. He thought he was something special and loved the attention. I know that you all did not need to go to that extreme, but you made a difference that was greatly appreciated. As for my appointment, I want to thank you for being gentle and displaying such a positive atmosphere. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Christina M. - April 12,2016
Wendy did a great job, thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Gary F. - April 11,2016
Thanks Julie!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jean B. - April 11,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie M. - April 11,2016
Julie is awesome! She is friendly, laid back and completely puts me at ease during the appointment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael P. - April 8,2016
Best Dentist ever
  (5 out of 5)  by Nichole C. - April 7,2016
some of the best people working together in a very friendly office
  (5 out of 5)  by Karen G. - April 6,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard G. - April 6,2016
As always, my experience was better than excellent. Kate is very considerate and makes every effort to insure my comfort. The entire staff is always pleasant from the time I walk in the door until I leave. Thank you for caring. Rick
  (5 out of 5)  by Larry M. - April 5,2016
As ALWAYS, Wendy took very good care of me!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Nancy C. - April 5,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by David K. - April 4,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael F. - April 4,2016
All I can say is that it will be a very sad day when and if I ever have to change dentists! Donna is amazing and extremely professional, thorough, and personable! Please keep up the great work!
  (5 out of 5)  by Tina F. - April 4,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Eileen D. - April 1,2016
Loved everything but the country/western music. Always liked your other music.
  (5 out of 5)  by Phil L. - March 31,2016
Very professional and informative throughout
  (5 out of 5)  by Kim L. - March 30,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by George,--Jr. B. - March 29,2016
Level of service and commitment way above excellant!
  (5 out of 5)  by William S. - March 29,2016
A very professional staff. Bill
  (5 out of 5)  by Blanche B. - March 29,2016
i was extremely nervous when going in when i left the office i was laughing and joking around and my blood pressure went down to normal they talked to me and assured me everything was going to be fin e they were sincere and understood my needs definitely would tell my friends the wonderful experience i had. i actually enjoy going to the dentist
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen M. - March 28,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Anne O. - March 25,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Leigh C. - March 25,2016
Kate Rocks!! My teeth feel sparkling clean and made the whole drive worthwhile. See you in 6 months!!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Craig A. - March 25,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Edward T. - March 24,2016
I've always has a good experience. Keep up the good work. Kate did a great job!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carlton D. - March 24,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Carl F. - March 23,2016
As pleasant as a dental visit can be.
  (5 out of 5)  by Nancy N. - March 23,2016
I always feel like I am coming home when I enter your place. Ypu have given me the best of care and this visit was no different. Keep[ [up the good work. Nancy Nugent
  (5 out of 5)  by Edward S. - March 22,2016
Dentistry has come a long way in the past 60 years. Most all procedures can be done now painlessly. Not so when I was a child. And the appearance of a filling does not even look like a filling. Just look like a new tooth. GREAT work. Thank you so much Dr. Warren
  (5 out of 5)  by Ilene S. - March 18,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Corey N. - March 18,2016
As usual, everyone on staff graciously greeted my family and me and treated us with the utmost courtesy. My family and I have been coming to your office for over 15 years to have our teeth care for by you, and we look forward to future visits to Warren & Associates.
  (5 out of 5)  by Amber C. - March 17,2016
Keep up the great care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Michelle W. - March 17,2016
This was my first visit to Dr. Warren. I will recommend him to family and friends. It was a wonderful experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael C. - March 16,2016
Could i get a different hygienist going forward? Julie (i believe that was her name) was technically good, but her personality didn't match up well. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Jerry D. - March 16,2016
I've been coming to you ever since I came to AZ and have been very satisfied with you and your staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth D. - March 16,2016
I always feel like I am visiting family when I come in:)
  (5 out of 5)  by Katherine H. - March 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by David W. - March 14,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Ann B. - March 14,2016
Always a great visit, Donna is the best ever
  (5 out of 5)  by Henry B. - March 14,2016
Happy to have Donna clean my teeth, no discomfort. Will continue to recommend your dental services. See you again in July.
  (4 out of 5)  by Kayla H. - March 14,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin M. - March 14,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Allison P. - March 10,2016
I don't like going to the dentist, but everyone in this office made me feel comfortable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Chloe S. - March 10,2016
Had an amazing first time visit! Everyone was so welcoming and nice! :)
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - March 10,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by William B. - March 9,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Glen B. - March 9,2016
Kate was the person taking x-rays and cleaning my teeth. She was very pleasant and very smooth in both the x-rays and the cleaning process. She explained what she was going to be doing throughout the entire visit and she answered all questions I asked. She did an excellent job and I would ask for her on my next visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen Y. - March 8,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Dennis Y. - March 8,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Andrea G. - March 8,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sam M. - March 7,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Heather B. - March 3,2016
I've always appreciated the friendly environment and the knowledgeable staff. They have always made us feel like family.
  (5 out of 5)  by Brian T. - March 2,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jerry S. - March 1,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert O. - March 1,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Bill B. - March 1,2016
Your group or team is like a family except you all get along - best ever...
  (5 out of 5)  by Carmine L. - February 29,2016
You guys are the best. Thank you. Carmine
  (5 out of 5)  by Renee H. - February 29,2016
Very good.
  (5 out of 5)  by Emily M. - February 26,2016
Thank you so much! You are always kind, patient, & gentle with the kids!
  (5 out of 5)  by Lillian M. - February 26,2016
You are always patient, kind , & gentle with the kids! Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Malindi K. - February 25,2016
You guys are the best!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Harvey W. - February 25,2016
Everything went great.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tana K. - February 25,2016
Thank're the best!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - February 25,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Piper K. - February 25,2016
Thank're the best!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gary M. - February 24,2016
My visits are always. The staff makes you feel at ease and genuinely care about you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Anita M. - February 24,2016
Dr Warren and his staff are the perfect combination of friendly and professional!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol H. - February 24,2016
I look forward to my 3X a year check ups! I love getting my teeth cleaned. And I am grateful when I don't need a new crown. My teeth feel great now. If I could only stop eating......
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah B. - February 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jacquelynn Y. - February 23,2016
The best dental care team EVER!!!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Lowell G. - February 22,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by William B. - February 22,2016
Great visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Leo G. - February 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Geoffrey W. - February 18,2016
Your team is either the happiest bunch of people in Litchfield Park or they are the finest actors on the planet. Either way they make a very positive impression on every visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Bernhard K. - February 18,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin K. - February 18,2016
The best!! Thank you Debbie and Dr Warren!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca W. - February 17,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Rita M. - February 17,2016
Office staff very welcoming and friendly. Kate, my hygienist for years always makes me feel at ease. She is terrific. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael D. - February 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Joelle A. - February 15,2016
I am not a person who enjoys visiting the dentist, but since I've found Dr. Warren & his hygenist, Julie, I am now more confident than ever coming in for a check-up. Kudos to all who work with Dr. Warren!!
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - February 14,2016
you guys are great, that is why my family has been coming to you guys since 2002. the standard is high in your office, good thing our new lady doctor seems to be up to the challenge, my involvement with her has been minimal but she seems great. The ladies up front as so fun, they can give it as much as they take it, I just love them. Kate is as awesome as she is short, she even chastises me in nice way when i need it, she rocks Holly will be missed, she is worth her weight in gold professionally as well as personally keep up the good work
  (5 out of 5)  by Fred D. - February 12,2016
I always feel confident and comfortable when I go to the office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ally Z. - February 12,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda N. - February 11,2016
I'm very happy with everyone in your office that I interacted with
  (5 out of 5)  by Jacqueline D. - February 11,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary W. - February 9,2016
Good visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Howard M. - February 6,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Virginia R. - February 5,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Brian L. - February 1,2016
I arrived early and Julie was able to start working on me before my appointment time, i.e. no waiting. She and Dr. Hagerman were thorough and very professional. I will continue to recommend your office to people who are looking for a good dentist.
  (4 out of 5)  by Sarah L. - February 1,2016
I enjoyed seeing Debbie and Dr Warren today, thank you for your compassion and care for me.
  (4 out of 5)  by Sarah L. - February 1,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Abel F. - January 29,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Katelyn L. - January 27,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Judy P. - January 26,2016
Love you guys!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven-Jr. B. - January 22,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Dennis H. - January 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Conley B. - January 20,2016
Great work. Thanks to the entire staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Carolyn W. - January 19,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Benjamin W. - January 19,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Edward W. - January 15,2016
Being a person that is extremely afraid of Dentistry your group is excellent. They almost make it close to being an enjoyable experience. Thank you all. I am extremely satisfied. Eddie
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara G. - January 13,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by William P. - January 13,2016
Dr Hagerman is the best dentist in the history of all dentistry and Nikki is pretty awesome too!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharon M. - January 12,2016
Wendy is wonderful, she really did her best to help ease my anxiety and did a great job cleaning my teeth.
  (5 out of 5)  by Janice F. - January 12,2016
As always.... wonderful experience. Great staff!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Manuel L. - January 11,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael S. - January 11,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Marlene D. - January 10,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Tammy U. - January 8,2016
We always enjoy visiting your office. Happy New Year!
  (5 out of 5)  by Catherine C. - January 8,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Eileen L. - January 8,2016
Ali did a wonderful job of cleaning my teeth even though it is very difficult for me to open my mouth very wide due to my cancer. She knows that my mouth gets very dry due to my past radiation treatments and she always goes out of her way to keep my mouth moist. Ali is very good at her job! Dr. Hagerman also does a great job for me? My cancer would not have been caught as early as it was the first two times I had cancer if it had not been for her. She is an exceptionally talented dentist and I tell everyone how great she is? : )
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia H. - December 30,2015
I just recently became a patient of Dr. Hagermon and I can not even begin to tell you how pleased I am with her as my new Dentist! She is excellent and I know that I am in the best of hands with a top notch, highly skilled dentist. I recently had some issues with a newly crowned tooth that ended up requiring a root canal and she quickly diagnosed the issue and referred me to an outstanding endodontic professional. I had been having painful issues with this tooth for more than a month and Dr. Hagermon was able to get me in to have the root canal right before the busy Christmas holidays and then also provide the follow-up care immediately afterwards. It is such a huge relief to not have that pain and worry anymore and to be able to enjoy the holidays without this pain!!! Everyone associated with this office has been very knowledgeable AND also provided me with excellent customer service. I am thrilled to have found this level of quality care at a west side facility and am happy to be able to report that "you don't have to travel to Scottsdale to have a top dentist anymore"! God bless you all for your compassionate care and dedication to excellence! Sincerely, Patty Huling Buckeye, AZ
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Shy S. - December 28,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Kandy W. - December 26,2015
I've been to the "chain" dentists and felt like it was nothing but a business transaction. They didn't care about me or the health of my teeth and mouth. It was frustrating when they sent me to the little 'finance' office to 'discuss the terms' of the amount I would owe. I walked out feeling bad about the health of my mouth and even worse about the debt that I would incur if I chose to follow through with all that they suggested should be done to my teeth. Choosing a 'non-chain' privately owned dentist's office was a good decision but choosing Dr. Warren was definitely the best choice I could have made. I was very comfortable right from the beginning and walked out of there feeling good about the health of my mouth and with plans of making this my dentist forever. I already told 2 others about my positive dental visit and plan to share with others as well. I am very pleased thus far and have future appointments set up.
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul R. - December 22,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Lara W. - December 21,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Ann C. - December 19,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Todd C. - December 18,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda L. - December 18,2015
Nancy brought me a blanket and tucked me in! You guys are great.
  (5 out of 5)  by Myla H. - December 18,2015
Pam greeted me with her big smile. Suzie made me comfortable in the chair. Dr. Hagerman, as usual, was sweet and took care of my dental concern. A great experience!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeff H. - December 17,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Leslie M. - December 17,2015
I am very pleased with the dental care I receive in your office. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kay S. - December 16,2015
I always have a positive experience. All the ladies are professional and I feel comfortable with all. Kay Seif
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeannette M. - December 16,2015
You guys rock!
  (5 out of 5)  by Austin R. - December 15,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Janet J. - December 14,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Rex N. - December 10,2015
Best Dental Office and staff I've ever had. Rex Nelsen
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharron S. - December 10,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Virginia S. - December 10,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Gonzalo O. - December 10,2015
The staff is great!
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - December 10,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Dean C. - December 9,2015
I suggest you inform new patients that the initial visit may exceed two hours. I personally was not bothered by this, because I was told by my wife to expect a long visit. I don't ever remember spending more that two hours at the dentist, even when I had crowns.
  (5 out of 5)  by Emil E. - December 8,2015
A special problem with one of my root canals (which was deteriorating) was carefully explained and gave me high confidence about what was needed to be done. I felt like I was in good hands.
  (5 out of 5)  by Janet T. - December 8,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Tara K. - December 8,2015
I always look forward to my dental appointments! Everyone there is so kind and friendly! And I always know that I'm in good hands! This is why I drive 45 minutes to get to you guys. Thank you for everything! Tara :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Juanita P. - December 8,2015
I love Donna, she knows how much i care about my teeth! I love to work with the staff, friendly and helpful.
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert F. - December 8,2015
Great job by all of the staff. Thanks! Robert Fonteno
  (5 out of 5)  by Annette W. - December 4,2015
Nothing but positive interactions and treatment every time I'm there.
  (5 out of 5)  by Edwin M. - December 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Rick B. - December 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Kay R. - December 2,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Pamela D. - December 2,2015
I appreciate the attentiveness and quality of work that this office provides. Keep up the good work
  (5 out of 5)  by James S. - December 1,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Amanda F. - November 30,2015
The most inviting, knowledgable, comforting practice I have visited. From front office staff, Pam is hilarious and amazing and Erika is so friendly and kind - they make patients at ease, Highgentists to Dentists - they are all so accommodating and try and fit everyone in as well as making patients feel at ease. I recommend this office to anyone who will listen.
  (5 out of 5)  by Justa P. - November 25,2015
I really enjoy how I am treated by everyone at this dentistry. All of my concerns are taken care of like I'm a friend they all really care for; not just a patient. They are exceptional people with out standing service of dental care. It sets an atmosphere of comfort and trust that I can rely on. Thank you so very much!
  (5 out of 5)  by Mildred B. - November 25,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna P. - November 25,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Will G. - November 23,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Johnny B. - November 23,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharon K. - November 21,2015
  (3 out of 5)  by Jamye B. - November 20,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Daniel B. - November 20,2015
First class all the way!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ellen N. - November 20,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by James O. - November 19,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Timothy F. - November 19,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Irma V. - November 18,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Joanne B. - November 17,2015
Dr. Warren was very professional & helpful with a referral - thanks Holly is outstanding - thanks to all staff for helping me out.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dana K. - November 17,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra M. - November 17,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Roy B. - November 17,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Claudia C. - November 12,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Annette P. - November 11,2015
My teeth are my pride and joy, therefore, I would go to no other than Dr. Warren. Dr. Warren has been my dentist for years.
  (5 out of 5)  by Karen Z. - November 11,2015
On time, very considerate, gentle touch. Love the staff in the office and Dr. Warren.
  (5 out of 5)  by Anna E. - November 11,2015
My visit was very satisfactory and the hygienist made me comfortable and she did a good job.
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan A. - November 10,2015
I have always had excellent service and attention from your practice. Staff at reception are friendly, helpful, and efficient. Dr. Warren is always extremely competent and puts me at my ease. Julie is especially good; I really don't know what I would do if she were not available to see me on my quarterly visits. Altogether you make a terrific team.
  (5 out of 5)  by Anne A. - November 10,2015
Love your office! I recommend your office to a lot of people.
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Kenneth-David W. - November 10,2015
Very professional atmosphere and conduct. I have a real sense of confidence my dental issues are being attended to.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharon S. - November 10,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah R. - November 6,2015
This was my first time seeing Kate, and she was awesome! She was friendly, gentle and thorough. The front staff is always very friendly as well!
  (5 out of 5)  by Adela M. - November 5,2015
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Carolyn E. - November 5,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Joyce M. - November 5,2015
My hygienist was the best --- Julie. She's my gal!
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Debbie A. - November 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Cheryl S. - November 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard S. - November 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer G. - November 2,2015
In this day and age, is there not a better option than the dreaded metal pick/scraper!!!?? :( Great office, have brought my husband, then children and now myself. Will continue to refer and appreciate the staff being so kind and friendly!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra W. - October 30,2015
So blessed that I have found a dentist office it had been many years and they were so gentle with me!!! I have definitely found my dental home!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna S. - October 29,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Bonnie R. - October 27,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Frank S. - October 26,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary L. - October 24,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Arden J. - October 24,2015
Appreciate the friendliness and great atmosphere everyone provides
  (5 out of 5)  by Lori M. - October 22,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Donald C. - October 21,2015
Excellent quality service. Everything was well explained quite well leaving no uncertainly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jullie A. - October 21,2015
Everyone at the practice has made me feel like part of a family. Wendy is amazing and knows her stuff. Suzy is great as well. The two of them work well as a team. The front desk personnel are so friendly. And Dr. Warren made me feel so comfortable. I just met him and I feel like I've known him for awhile and trust him. Keep up the great work!
  (5 out of 5)  by James S. - October 20,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Staci D. - October 20,2015
Thanks for always making our visit easy !! My kids love coming here too! Thanks Donna for making Caitlin extra comfortable and understanding her fears!! :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Devon R. - October 19,2015
Thank you Wendy and Dr. Warren for making Devon's cleaning tx a fun time for him. He's always looked forward to going since he was 4 yrs old. Not many parents can say that. So thank you. The Rich family
  (5 out of 5)  by Debra R. - October 19,2015
I really appreciate how Awesome and sweet everyone is All the time. Thank you all!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashli Y. - October 19,2015
I was so appreciative to all of the staff today who made it possible for me to go to my cleaning even with my two small children in tow. I appreciated the patience and kindness from Donna doing an awesomely thorough job cleaning my teeth while somehow entertaining my 3 year old at the same time! ?? I appreciate the staff in the front office who were so kind to keep an eye on my kids during my appointment. And of course it is always so wonderful to see Dr. Warren. He is one of the kindest people/dentists I have ever known. Thank you for a great visit, cleaning and for a very family-friendly office!
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia B. - October 19,2015
Dr. Warren and the staff make me feel comfortable "going to the dentist". The front desk staff is always friendly and extremely helpful - thank you! Julie does a great job cleaning my teeth and is super friendly. I give this office a "10"!
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy E. - October 18,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Ann R. - October 16,2015
Really liked the new Hygienist she was kind and gentle. Hope she sticks around.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jamie N. - October 13,2015
I always leave the office very happy. The entire staff is wonderful! I can't think of a single thing that needs improvement.
  (5 out of 5)  by Phyllis L. - October 13,2015
From the welcome greeting to farewell your practice is wonderful. I always feel well cared for and comfortable........even though I don't like exrays. It's always difficult to find the right doctors and dentists when you move but I am so happy to have found your team. Actually look forward to my next visit!
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan C. - October 13,2015
The team was awesome and explained every step during my visit. I enjoy coming to this dentist now instead of being very anxious. Thanks so much for the family like environment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Anthony R. - October 10,2015
Yen was a great addition to the team. She was very friendly and knowledgable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Leonard S. - October 9,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Layne F. - October 9,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Joan M. - October 9,2015
I am very pleased with the dental care I receive at your office. You are the best!
  (5 out of 5)  by Christina M. - October 8,2015
Great service, always knowledgable and friendly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra K. - October 8,2015
You all are the greatest
  (5 out of 5)  by Ron M. - October 6,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Gary F. - October 5,2015
pleasant visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Calista J. - October 5,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie M. - October 5,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard M. - October 4,2015
very friendly staff. after being a patient for at least the past 15 years I am partial to your services....
  (5 out of 5)  by Michaelle A. - October 3,2015
I love your staff!
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard P. - October 3,2015
Wendy is a wonderful tec...with a caring attitude..thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Denise W. - October 1,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Antoinette Q. - September 30,2015
Wendy is great, she makes you feel comfortable when she is cleaning your teeth.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tina F. - September 28,2015
Great visit
  (5 out of 5)  by Leigh C. - September 26,2015
I love Kate, Dr. Warren and everyone else I come into contact with while there. Wouldn't continue to travel 300 miles round trip if it wasn't for the excellent service, care and atmosphere. See you in 6 months!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sofia K. - September 23,2015
Great job, see you all in March. Hugs, Sofie
  (5 out of 5)  by Victor P. - September 22,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna J. - September 17,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Garth M. - September 17,2015
I enjoyed my visit. Is that weird? :)
  (5 out of 5)  by William W. - September 17,2015
Even the music was excellent!
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael B. - September 16,2015
I love the feeling I get when o go there. Dr. Warren always has a suitable game plan and alternative options. Great staff!!! You guys rock!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gilbert F. - September 15,2015
As always, reception from the Front-door, through treatment and then departure was met with outsrtanding cusrtomer service, expert treartment and a "family" attitude. Thanks to the entire satff for all they do to make us partients feel comfortable and part of the "family".
  (5 out of 5)  by Nancy C. - September 15,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Ron W. - September 14,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by George,--Jr. B. - September 14,2015
Can't imagine any other office managing my dental needs. Professional, honest, sincere and just good people!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jaun P. - September 12,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Lawrence S. - September 11,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth D. - September 10,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Katherine H. - September 8,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin M. - September 5,2015
Our family has been coming to this practice for over 10 years, and we have had nothing but the best care from the most friendly people. We have recommended Dr. Warren and Associates to many friends and family members.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ian G. - August 29,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Renee H. - August 25,2015
Other then the bad news you gave me, everything was great. LOL, I even got to see Holly, finally.
  (5 out of 5)  by Becky J. - August 25,2015
Thanks for great service!
  (5 out of 5)  by Johanna K. - August 24,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca C. - August 24,2015
Staff was very friendly and very concern about the way I take care of my teeth. The did a follow up by phone to check up on me.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lillian M. - August 21,2015
Great service, professional and kind with the kids!
  (5 out of 5)  by Emily M. - August 21,2015
Great service- professional and kind with the kids!
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert O. - August 21,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Jerry S. - August 20,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela M. - August 19,2015
I have gone to Warren Family Dentistry for well over 30 years--with the change and office & professional staff--the quality & compassion has never changed--I have always felt taken care of with a long time fear of the Dentist--they put me at ease---we will miss Dr Ellsworth--a kind and caring human being--but will continue to be serviced with Dr Warren & his staff
  (5 out of 5)  by Gary M. - August 19,2015
We appreciate all the quality care we have received through the years. We will miss Dr. Ellsworth and wish him and his family the best of luck!
  (5 out of 5)  by LouAnn A. - August 18,2015
I have been a patient with Dr. Warren for almost 10 years and trust him and his work completely. I am always very secure in making a referral to his practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Leo G. - August 18,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by William B. - August 18,2015
You guy give me the ability to SMILE, thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tana K. - August 18,2015
Thank you...everyone was super nice and not scary!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Piper K. - August 18,2015
Thank you!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin K. - August 17,2015
Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Malindi K. - August 17,2015
Thank you Dr. Warren, for adding us to your practice!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sean M. - August 17,2015
My Hygenist (Julie?) and Dr. Haggerman are a one-two punch of awesomeness!
  (5 out of 5)  by Bill B. - August 17,2015
The new laser for whitening was a much easier process than expected and the results were instant.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ann J. - August 15,2015
I love this place, it's the family dentist! :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Nyle N. - July 21,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary B. - July 17,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Lars O. - July 16,2015
very happy with everthing you do complete staff makes you feel very relaxed
  (5 out of 5)  by Cathy L. - July 16,2015
I'm very happy with Dr. Warren and his staff!
  (5 out of 5)  by Charles E. - July 16,2015
All was GREAT. Kate is wonderful and does such a GREAT job. Bill
  (5 out of 5)  by Jill M. - July 16,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Benjamin W. - July 14,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Corey N. - July 11,2015
From the time you walk in you receive such quality service from everyone you meet. I always look forward to having my and my family's teeth done by such a great group of people.
  (5 out of 5)  by Cynthia S. - July 11,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven-Jr. B. - July 9,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Travis W. - July 9,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Marianne G. - July 9,2015
I appreciate the positive environment, friendly and helpful office staff, the consistent excellence of Kate, hygienist, and Dr. Hagerman. It's a reliek to know my dental health is in very good hands Thank you for all you do!
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael S. - July 8,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Joan B. - July 7,2015
We could not be happier with the entire staff and especially Dr. Warren!
  (5 out of 5)  by Edward T. - July 7,2015
So far I have always walked away pleased.
  (5 out of 5)  by Retha C. - July 7,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Lori N. - July 6,2015
I would highly recommend your office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Miyante N. - July 2,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - July 1,2015
I appreciate the friendliness of the staff. I always enjoy talking to Susie.
  (5 out of 5)  by Donald V. - July 1,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda A. - July 1,2015
Your staff, is the best!!!!!! Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Janice F. - June 30,2015
Julie is awesome! As are the girls at the front desk!
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth T. - June 30,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Carmine L. - June 30,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Edythe M. - June 28,2015
Everyone is so nice at your office. I feel very comfortable with having my teeth cared for at your practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Debra S. - June 27,2015
Love Everyone - Dr. Hagerman and Staff are GREAT
  (4.7 out of 5)  by Thomas C. - June 24,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Francis&